Welcome to the GRITS public library! GRITS is a project-management web platform that allows users to track the energy, financial, and carbon savings data from their sustainability projects. Here you can view a catalog of completed projects from institutions that have opted into public sharing. The platform features over 900 institutional subscribers with access to a private library that displays over 3,100 projects. You can learn more by visiting gogrits.org.

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payback period payback period
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Lifespan Lifespan
{{(current_institution.stats_setting.average ? avg_lifespan : median_lifespan) | number:1}} years
annual emissions abated annual emissions abated annual emissions abated
{{(current_institution.stats_setting.average ? average_saved_emissions : median_saved_emissions) | number:0}} MTCO2e
annual energy savings annual energy savings annual energy savings
{{(current_institution.stats_setting.average ? average_saved_energy : median_saved_energy) * energy_conversion | number:0}} {{units_setting.energy_unit.toUpperCase()}}
annual water savings annual water savings annual water savings
{{(current_institution.stats_setting.average ? average_saved_water : median_saved_water) * water_conversion | number:0}} {{units_setting.water_unit.toUpperCase()}}
annual waste savings annual waste savings annual waste savings
{{(current_institution.stats_setting.average ? average_saved_waste : median_saved_waste) * waste_conversion | number:0}} {{units_setting.waste_unit.toUpperCase()}}

Note: Average savings are calculated by dividing total savings by {{ current_institution.stats_setting.all_projects ? 'the total number of projects, not just those with relevant savings' : 'the number of projects with relevant savings, not the total number of projects' }}. Median savings are calculated based on only projects with relevant savings. Modify the calculations on this page by changing your statistic settings HERE

Actual or Projected Annual Savings Annual Savings
Project Institution Type Cost Annual
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{{project.actual_cost * exchange_rate(project.campus.currency_code) | nfcurrency: currency}} {{project.annual_return_on_investment | number:1}}% {{ project.simple_payback_period==100 && ">100" || (project.simple_payback_period | number:1) }} {{project.saved_emissions.average | number:0}} {{project.saved_energy.average * energy_conversion | number:0}} {{project.saved_water.average * water_conversion | number:0}} {{project.saved_waste.average * waste_conversion | number:0}}
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Note: Projects are positioned on the map based on the location of their campus/site. Map excludes several campuses/sites with addresses that cannot not be geocoded and/or are from anonymous institutions.